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What to Do When Arrested for Drug Offense in Florida

In Florida, drug possession is categorized into two; ‘without intent’ and ‘with intent’ to supply. Although each has its own set of penalties and regulations, they are both criminal offenses, and regardless of the category you’re in, you should seek legal advice for your specific situation. Understanding your rights and limitations will not only help know how to carry yourself during the trial, but also ensure that you receive fair legal treatment. Here is what you should do if you are arrested for drug offense in Florida:

Protect Yourself before Your Arrest

The Fourth Amendment protects every citizen against unlawful search and seizures. An officer should have a warrant, valid reasons, or an exigent circumstance to search you, your vehicle, or property. However, if your situation is serious and they insist to use drug-sniffing dog or detain you long enough for the K9 unit to arrive, respectfully comply. Do not physically resist or try to fight the police, let them search.

Do Remain Calm When Arrested

Being arrested on drug charges can be upsetting and often lead to self-loathing, guilt, depression, fear and a feeling of defeat. Refuse to give in to such feelings, wait calmly, and be adamant on respect for your rights. In truth, the 5th Amendment guards your right to remain silent, and although the police will still ask you questions (even after asking for the right to an attorney) you do not have to answer. Whatever you say can and will be used against you in court proceedings. Here are other things you should never do:

  • Confess to the drug offense
  • Name-drop
  • Offer to cooperate against others
  • Try to talk your way out of it

Demand to Speak to Your Lawyer

Use it or lose it. After the arrest, you have a right to have an attorney-whether you can afford one or not. It is highly essential to retain a seasoned lawyer with whom you can be comfortable and trust to handle your case best.

Consider the Advice of Your Lawyer

Your attorney will recommend a course of action upon arrival. Be as detailed and honest as possible about your interactions with the police and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. With this information, your lawyer will build a feasible defense to ensure that you get a fair trial.

Let Hunter Chamberlin Help You!

The Chamberlin Law Firm is here to offer exclusive services if you’re arrested for drug possession. Hunter Chamberlin is dedicated to providing quality, client-centered legal services to ensure that you receive personalized attention. With vast knowledge and experience, Hunter Chamberlin will identify potential issues in your case to provide a strong defense and maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

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Posted on: 29 Jan, 2018