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Robbery, Burglary, and Theft

There are many different factors that must be analyzed and steps taken before someone can be charged with a robbery, burglary, or theft crime.  For example, one of the factors that will elevate a misdemeanor petit theft to a felony grand theft is the value of the property alleged to have been taken.  The Prosecutor in these types of cases not only has to allege the value exceeds a certain threshold in order to charge someone with grand theft but has to be able to prove that value in court.

Hunter’s experience as an Assistant State Attorney and now as a criminal defense attorney helps him determine if the State Attorneys’ Office has a sufficient basis to charge someone with a crime, if the State Attorneys’ Office has charged the appropriate crime, and the whether the State will ultimately be able to prove the crime charged.    Often times, the State Attorney may not be able to prove the crime charged, which could potentially result in a reduction of the charges to a lesser offense, or even an outright dismissal.