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In The Courtroom – The Difference Between Legal and Factual Guilt

In law, you are either deemed as being factually guilty, or legally guilty depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and subsequent prosecution in court. One is found to be legally guilty if there exist concrete facts that may incriminate you, say some exhibit or forensics. On the other hand, one may be deemed as being factually guilty if he committed the crime.
Essentially, factual guilt refers to what the defendant did while legal guilt is what the prosecutor can prove. For example, someone can be factually guilty, but if there is no sufficient evidence, the person cannot be legally guilty.

How We Can Help

  • Examining the evidence against you: For one to be deemed legally guilty, there must be evidence directly linking you to the felony. When approached by such a case, we carefully examine the evidence linking you with the alleged offense. We aim at ensuring that you are not wrongly sentenced for a felony you did not commit.
  • Sound legal advice: Everyday, we advise our clients on the status of their cases based on the facts. If you decide to proceed with your case, we will assign you our competent attorney to represent you.
  • Legal representation: When we take up your case, you can be assured of our absolute commitment to litigate for you. We believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. We also believe that for one to be guilty, there must be direct evidence linking them to a felony.
  • Appeals and compensation: If you feel that you have been sentenced wrongly or the court hasn’t paid attention to some facts, we are ready to go the full length and file an appeal for you. If proven innocent and compensation are due, we shall do our best to ensure you are compensated.

Attorney Services In Tampa, Florida
Located in Tampa, Florida the Chamberlain Law Firm provides quality legal services centered on the client. Led by Hunter H. Chamberlin, we ensure that you are well represented in court and compensated where due. We broadly focus on all matters litigation and further specialize in criminal defense law that includes but is however not limited to the following:

  •  Civil litigation
  • Robbery
  • Expunging records
  • Drug Offenses
  •  DUI’S
  •  Firearm charges

At Chamberlin Law Firm, we are the industry leader in criminal defense. We work with a team of experienced attorneys who can represent efficiently in court. We work with the presumption of you are innocent until proven guilty. Based on this we build a formidable defense for you. Wondering if you are legally guilty? Contact Hunter at 813-444-477 for a free consultation.

Posted on: 5 Mar, 2018