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Myth Buster! What To Do If You Receive A Traffic Ticket (In Florida)

Just because you have been driving for years or you just got out of a driving school doesn’t mean that you understand all the traffic rules. There are several misconceptions about traffic rules, and you need to know them to avoid getting yourself in any trouble with the law. They include:

If an officer doesn’t show up in court, you don’t get an automatic pass

This is probably the biggest misconception people have. Even though this is possible, the judge may decide to reschedule the hearing. The officers also work closely with court clerks and can schedule a citation – as many as necessary to avoid no-shows.  Relying on this as your main defense mechanism, could be your biggest mistake.

All mistakes are equal

When you are issued with a ticket, make sure that all the information given is correct. If you are unsure of the weight of the mistake, contact an attorney immediately. An officer may mistake the offense committed, and this can cost you in court. Additionally, some mistakes carry heavier fines and punishments than others.

Tickets don’t follow you across state lines

The digital era has enabled states to share information. Therefore, you can’t avoid a ticket by going to another state. The Driver’s License Compact guarantees info-sharing between states, and therefore, offenses committed in other states can be forwarded to your home state and become part of your driving record.

Giving excuses can help you win a case

You’ve heard the popular line ‘whatever you say can and will be used you against you in a court of law.’ So, don’t bother giving explanations as to why you committed a traffic offense to an officer. This might harm you more than it can save you.

Signing/not signing a ticket is proof of guilt

Signing a ticket doesn’t mean that you have admitted to having committed an offense; it just shows that you have received the ticket. In fact, refusing to sign the ticket may land you in further trouble.

Radar inaccuracy automatically dismisses your case

Radar guns, just like any other machine, can malfunction. In such cases, it’s not automatic that your case will be dismissed. You will have to prove that scenario before a judge. Finding such solid evidence can prove impossible, costly, and time-consuming.

Driving with the flow of traffic is a valid excuse for over-speeding

When you are forced to speed by the drivers around you, you can still get a ticket. When you are caught, you are punished alone regardless of how many other drivers made the same offense and got away with it.

Mistakes in a ticket can help you win a case

Human beings are prone to errors. So, if an officer makes a mistake on your ticket, including misspellings, wrong numbers, and any other minor clerical errors, it won’t give you a pass in court. Even if these mistakes are large enough to win your case, it’s still in your best interest to appear in court and present your case.

Rules and regulations keep changing. So, fact or myth, you need the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney to help you avoid those traffic punishments that may affect you in future. Contact Chamberlin Law Firm for your free case consultation.

Posted on: 26 Mar, 2018