Hillsborough County is Cracking Down on Street Racing

Street racing is a problem in Hillsborough County, and getting bigger. To stem the rising tide of street racing, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department is increasingly cracking down on illegal street racing. See the Fox 13 article below. But often, … Continue reading

Have you been arrested for DUI or another criminal charge in Pinellas County this past weekend?

On December 17th, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office operated what is commonly referred to as a “Wolf Pack”. That is where numerous Sheriff’s deputies set up on the side of a road and pull over drivers to determine if they … Continue reading

Hunter Chamberlin on Fox 13 News – Hemp Law Makes Prosecuting Marijuana Cases Difficult

A new Florida law legalizing hemp is making it harder for law enforcement to arrest someone for marijuana possession because hemp and marijuana plants are difficult to distinguish. Continue reading

How a Criminal Past Can Implicate a Job Search in Tampa FL

Hunter Chamberlin as recently invited to be a guest speaker at the St. Pete College Titan Tuesdays to talk about how a criminal past can implicate a job search. Continue reading

Understanding the Legal Benefits and Disadvantages to Working as an Employee or Independent Contractor.

The new economy has ushered in a variety of opportunities for talented freelancers who know how to market their skills to businesses.  It’s not a hard sell for many either as companies strive Continue reading

In The Courtroom – The Difference Between Legal and Factual Guilt

In law, you are either deemed as being factually guilty, or legally guilty depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and subsequent prosecution in court. Continue reading

Employment Law – Hiring, Firing and Everything In-between

Civil litigation comes in many forms. Torts, contracts, employment — these are potential areas of dispute. Knowing your rights and having a basic understanding of the law may protect you if you find yourself in a civil dispute. Continue reading

Under Age Drunk Driving? – What Should You Do Next?

Drinking under the influence commonly referred to as DUI, is not only an offense for adults but minors as well. When you’re caught driving under the influence of alcohol or other drug substances, you risk paying fines and serving a jail term. Continue reading

How to Expunge Your Criminal Records in Florida

The Sunshine State may not be so sunny when you have a past criminal record on your shoulders. Furthermore, Florida’s law enforcement agencies and courts make it simple for anyone to access your criminal records. Continue reading

Hunter Chamberlin Speaks with Russell Rhodes on Fox 13’s Ask a Lawyer Program on the Statue of Limitations on Sexual Abuse in Tampa FL

Hunter Chamberlin spoke with Fox 13’s Russell Rhodes to answer legal questions on the statue of limitations on sexual abuse in Tampa Florida as a part of the Ask-A-Lawyer segment. Continue reading

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