How Small Businesses Commonly Get Into Trouble with the Fair Labor Standards Act

Hunter was recently published in the Florida Bar Journal for his column on Labor And Employment Law, “Mistakes Were Made: How Small Businesses Commonly Get Into Trouble with the Fair Labor Standards Act” Continue reading

Florida Supreme Court Change Has Huge Implications for Criminal Defendants.

Hunter Chamberlin was on the committee that proposed the change reflected in the supreme court opinion, and it has huge implications for criminal defendants. Continue reading

Myth Buster! What To Do If You Receive A Traffic Ticket (In Florida)

Just because you have been driving for years or you just got out of a driving school doesn’t mean that you understand all the traffic rules. There are several misconceptions about traffic rules Continue reading

Employment Law: Labor Regulations in the U.S. and Florida

Employment law and labor regulations mainly cover the rights and the obligations between an employer and an employee. Employment relationships can be complicated. Continue reading

In The Courtroom – The Difference Between Legal and Factual Guilt

In law, you are either deemed as being factually guilty, or legally guilty depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and subsequent prosecution in court. Continue reading

Chamberlin Law Firm Featured on Centurion Strategies Podcast

Hunter Chamberlin recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Bilello of Centurion Strategies. The two discussed the challenges and mistakes one can encounter when starting a new law firm, and how to avoid those issues. Check it out! … Continue reading

Scotus Opinion Further Erodes Whats Left of the Fourth Amendment

In Whren v. U.S., 517 US 806 (1996), the Supreme Court held that a police officer could stop a vehicle for any traffic infraction that officer observed, regardless of how insignificant that infraction was or the actual motivation for stopping … Continue reading